Bear Hugs Nursery
Bear Hugs Nursery

Contact Us: 07849657290

How much are the fees?

Please see the Fees page. Invoices are raised at the beginning of each term and are payable within two weeks of receipt of invoice.

What will I need to bring in for my child?

We ask that you bring in a small bag for your child, which is clearly marked with your child’s name. The bag should contain a full change of clothes, nappies and wipes. All children must have a change of shoes for indoor and outdoor play and suitable clothing for seasonal weather conditions. Also, a clearly named beaker or container with water or juice. 

Do you supply lunch?

No, we ask you to supply your child’s packed lunch in a clearly marked lunch bag or box. We may ask you to exclude some food items from you child’s lunch should an allergy be brought to the attention of the staff.

What do you recommend should be in my child’s lunch box?

We recommend a lunch of sandwich / roll / wrap / pasta, yogurt with a spoon, a piece of fruit and a drink. We do encourage the children to eat everything provided. Uneaten food will be left in the lunch box so you can see what your child has and has not eaten. 

Will we get updates on nursery closure?

Please refer to the news page which will be updated should we have to close or alter opening hours.

What is the itinerary for the day?

The daily plan for the nursery is clearly displayed on the hall board alongside our topics for the week and term.

Am I able to have access to my child’s portfolio on a regular basis?

Parents can have access to their child’s portfolio at any time simply ask your child’s key person. Your child’s key person will introduce themselves to you at your child’s induction day.

How am I able to gain access to you policies?

All our policies are available on the Policy page for you to download. We also have a copy of all policies and procedures in a folder by the main entrance, which are displayed on a daily basis. As a new parent please take time to familiarise yourself with the policies and procedures which are included in this website.

Can I change my child’s days and hours?

Please speak to the manager Fiona Fox regarding any changes as some restrictions will apply.

When can my child return to nursery if they have been ill?

We have a 48 hour rule for any contagious illness, that is 48 hours after the illness has gone. This helps prevent viruses spreading to other children. If your child is unable to come to nursery because of illness please text the nursery on 07849 657290 before 9.15am.